Major and Critical Problem of Unemployment

The problem of unemployment is a world wide truth. The developed countries like the United State, England, France, Germany, etc. countries also go through from this problem, but it is more prominent in India.

It has become a risk to India’s financial social development. It is the big problem of our poor quality, crimes and frustration among people. India is the second country after Chin in population. But large range of unemployment there is no suitable employment for them. They are required to stay inactive.

Problem of Unemployment

There are many young men and women waiting for job opportunities. This constant problem of unemployment is not established to any unique class and society. There is very big unemployment between educated, well educated people and uneducated people and workers. Then there is underemployment. The jobs human being created have unhappily failed to keep rate with the increasing number of job seekers day to day. It is a problem which here a great dare to leaders, thinkers, and educationists.

Our education system must be examination and changed according to our present requirements. Like our universities, colleges and schools are motionless manufacturing on a big level, a well to do of graduates fit just for white collar jobs in these offices. These graduates are fit only for jobs as those of assistants, officers sitting at tables in the offices. This educated but unemployed numbering thousand are a source of best concern.

Our education must be work oriented. It must be like as allows a person to stand on his own feet instead of depending on someone else. It is actually satire that our highly educated and trained employees like engineers, doctors, etc. run after the government jobs. There must be more importance on employment instruction. There are many technical institutes and training centers. Higher education must be kept only for those who are actually deserved it.

To ease this problem of unemployment and under employment in some villages a progressive employment scheme called Jawahar Rozgar Yojana introduced in 1989. Around 440 lakh families living under the poverty line are to advantage from this Yojana.


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